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Patreon "Me Time" Private Class

60 min. monthly class for “Me Time” Patrons only.

1 hour

Patreon "Sling Queen" Bi-Monthly Private Class

Reserved for patrons who are pledged under my “Sling Queen” tier.

These classes must be scheduled in the even months of the year (February, April, June, August, October, December)

1 hour

Commander In Choreo Monthly Video Submission

This appointment is for students who are pledged under the “Commander In Choreo” tier on my Patreon.

This is not a physical appointment. You will not be called for a one-on-one session. This simply books the time for your choreo review. You will receive notes within 1 week of your scheduled appointment time.

Scroll to the bottom of the booking form & copy/paste your YouTube video link for review. Up to 5 minutes of choreography can be reviewed per month. Use the notes area to request specific feedback/explain your choreo etc.

30 minutes

Aerial Hammock/Sling Training

Ready to fly? Make sure you have your apparatus ready for this lesson and give yourself a good 15-20 min. warm-up prior to our meeting time. In the first session we will determine areas of strength and improvement. Define your goals and interests. Assess your flexibility and gauge your ability level through a series of sequences/exercises.

1 hour

$ 65.00

Flexibility Training

It’s time to get bendy! To make the most of this 60 min. lesson, give yourself a good 15-20 min. warm-up prior to our scheduled class time (although we will still warm up). In the first lesson we will assess flexibility (level appropriateness), concerns, goals, define a training plan, etc. Make sure you have a nice warm space, too. Bring a notepad because you will receive homework to continue training in your “off-time.”

1 hour

$ 65.00

Choreography Critique

Have an act or piece of choreography and need tips, accents or final touches? In 30 minutes we can review your routine or choreography sequence and clean up those rough edges!

30 minutes

$ 35.00


Package Lessons | Semi-Private Lessons | Pole | Lyra | Lollipop Lyra | Span Sets | Silks | Choreography | Restorative Sling | Basically everything else! Rates vary – email for all other lessons/rates.

1 hour

Branding / Marketing Consultation

Spend 45 minutes picking the brain of a social media branding and marketing powerhouse! This consult will give you time to discuss and strategize how you brand yourself or your studio and includes an audit of one website or social media platform page.

45 minutes

$ 150.00